May 27 11

A Movie List Featuring The Character Ernest P. Worrell

Jim Varney was a talented actor and comedian. He had many different personas that he adopted for movies and standup, but will always be known best for his character Ernest P Worrell. From 1987 until 1997 Varney took Ernest on a variety of adventures that delighted many. The first of heis Ernest movies was in 1987 and that was ‘Ernest Goes To Camp”. In this movie Ernest attempts to fullfill his desire to become a camp counselor. The only problem is that the campers are reform school rejects. It all adds up to a hilariously good time.

Varney scored another hit with the Ernest character in 1990 with ‘Ernest Goes To Jail’. In 1991 it was ‘Ernest Scared Stupid’. Ernest accidentally releases an evil troll that wreaks havoc. So funny it is scary! The next movie in the Ernest adventures was ‘Ernest Goes To Africa’. Also released in 1997 was ‘Ernest In The Army”. The military will never be the same.

Jim Varney always gave his best no matter what character he was depicting. Fondly remembered, and forever immortalized, the Ernest P Worrell character was by far his best work, and loved by all. Ernest will live in our hearts.The information doesn’t stop now. Keep looking: The way it was