May 13 11

A List Of Movies Starring Jim Varney

Jim Varney was best known for playing the comedic character of Ernest P. Worrell, a role that he played in thirteen different films, including: Ernest Goes to Camp, Ernest Saves Christmas, Ernest Goes To Jail, Ernest Scared Stupid and Slam Dunk Ernest. In addition to playing the title character, Varney would also take on the role of several other comedic characters in most of the “Ernest” movies.

While Varney’s 20 year career was highlighted by his “Ernest” film’s, he was also known for his role’s in many other high profile films. The biggest of which was arguably his voice role as the “Slinky Dog” in the Toy Story films. While Varney voiced the character for the first two “Toy Story” films, his role was given to stand up comedian, and friend, Blake Clark for the “Toy Story 3″ sequel. In addition to voice work, Varney also had live action roles in such films as “The Beverly Hill Billies” (where he played the main role of Jed Clampett), Wilder Napalm, Existo, 100 Proof, The Expert, Snowboard Academy, School Story, School Story 2, and more. Varney also provided voice over work for animated shows such as “The Simpsons”, “Duckman”, and had a guest role on “Roseanne”